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A "client-centred activities of daily living" intervention for persons with stroke: One-year follow-up of a randomized controlled trial

stroke rehabilitation; participation; occupational therapy; multicentre study; lived experience; everyday occupa-tion; activity; longitudinal.

Randomized controlled trial of a facilitated online positive emotion regulation intervention for dementia caregivers

caregivers, stress, randomized controlled trial, positive emotion, patient reported outcomes

Benefit-finding and effect on caregiver depression: A double-blind randomized controlled trial

dementia caregiving, depression, cognitive reappraisal, positive aspects of caregiving, randomized controlled trial

Life enhancing activities for family caregivers of people with frontotemporal dementia

dementia, dementia caregiving, self-care, burden, emotions, positive emotion

Subjective memory impairment and well-being in community-dwelling older adults

exercise; memory complaints; subjective memory; well-being.

Single session educational programme for caregivers of psychogeriatric in-patients--results from a randomised controlled pilot study

Relative’s distress; psychological well-being; General Health Questionnaire; Impact of Event Scale;Geriatric Depression Scale

Long-term donepezil treatment in 565 patients with Alzheimer's disease (AD2000): randomised double-blind trial


Comparing the Effect of a Moderate Physical Activity Intervention on the Mental Health Outcomes of African American and Caucasian Dementia Family Caregivers: A Secondary Data Analysis

African American; caregivers; dementia; physical activity intervention.

Evaluation of Simulated Presence: a personalized approach to enhance well-being in persons with Alzheimer's disease

aging; Alzheimer’s disease; intervention; evaluation

Neuropsychological outcome of cognitive training in mild to moderate dementia: A randomized controlled trial

cognition, cognitive training, dementia, executive functions, psychological well-being

Befriending carers of people with dementia: randomised controlled trial


Effects of Integrative Cognitive Function Improvement Program on Cognitive Function, Oral Health, and Mental Health in Older People: A Randomized Clinical Trial

cerebral blood flow; cognition; electroencephalogram; mental health; older adults; oral health.

The effect of walking and vitamin B supplementation on quality of life in community-dwelling adults with mild cognitive impairment: a randomized, controlled trial

Quality of life, Aged, Exercise, Dietary supplements, Randomized controlled trial

A Randomized Controlled Trial of a Therapeutic Intervention for Nursing Home Residents With Dementia and Depressive Symptoms

dementia; depression; intervention; nursing home; older adults.

Does a functional activity programme improve function, quality of life, and falls for residents in long term care? Cluster randomised controlled trial


Impact of training dementia caregivers in sensitivity to nonverbal emotion signals

Dementia; nonverbal; emotion

An Experience Sampling Method Intervention for Dementia Caregivers: Results of a Randomized Controlled Trial

Dementia; caregiver support; ecological momentary assessment; randomized controlled trial.

Randomized controlled trial of a six-week spiritual reminiscence intervention on hope, life satisfaction, and spiritual well-being in elderly with mild and moderate dementia

complementary medicine; dementia; elderly; reminiscence therapy; spiritual

A comparison of verapamil and nifedipine on quality of life

Calcium channel blockers, nifedipine, quality of life, verapmil

A Dyadic Cooking-Based Intervention for Improving Subjective Health and Well-Being of Older Adults with Subjective Cognitive Decline and Their Caregivers: A Randomized Controlled Trial

well-being; Caregivers; cooking; cooking competence; dyadic intervention; older adults; procedural learning; subjective cognitive decline.

A stimulation-retreat special care unit for elders with dementing illness


Cross-cultural effects of reminiscence therapy on life satisfaction and autobiographical memory of older adults: a pilot study across Mexico and Spain

Aging; Cognitive stimulation; Quality of life; Reminiscence; Specific memory.

The Urban Built Environment, Walking and Mental Health Outcomes Among Older Adults: A Pilot Study

cognitive health, stress, air pollution, noise pollution, urban green space, wearable sensors

Life review therapy using autobiographical retrieval practice for older adults with depressive symptomatology


Probiotic Supplementation Improves Cognitive Function and Mood with Changes in Gut Microbiota in Community-Dwelling Older Adults: A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled, Multicenter Trial

Probiotics, RCT, Gut microbiota, Cognitive function, Mood status, Healthy older adults

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