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Presentation by Dr. Sarah Garfinkel

Dr. Garfinkel is a Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience at University College London who focuses her research on the way emotion processing is altered in a range of clinical conditions including anxiety, autism, PTSD and psychosis. In addition, she is interested in how aberrant emotional processing can shape cognition to augment fear memory and alter attention.


February 2, 2022

2pm ET


VIRTUAL, join us on Zoom!

Past Network Events

Neuroimaging and Brain Aging Virtual Workshop

December 15th, 2021


11am-5:30pm ET
8am-2:30pm PT


VIRTUAL, join us on Zoom!

The objective of this workshop is to introduce the principles and applications of neuroimaging techniques for the study of brain aging. This workshop is aimed towards students, post-doctoral fellows, and faculty who are new to the field and who are interested in an orientation on neuroimaging and brain aging research. 

View our list of speakers and workshop schedule here: 

FOA - NEW Brain Aging Pilot Project Award Program 2022

Application Due December 1st,  2021 at 11:59 CT

More Info Here:

NEW Brain Aging Pilot Project Awards are intended to develop novel research infrastructure and projects that will advance the science of EWB and brain aging in specific areas requiring interdisciplinary partnerships or collaborations. They will serve two primary purposes. First, we seek to expand the quality, quantity, and translational impact of research into the mechanistic relationships between brain structure and function on one hand and EWB in older adults on the other. Second, we  intend to engage investigators new to the study of brain aging and EWB – both those who are early in their careers and have yet to define a topic area for their programs of study as well as investigators who have established research programs in other areas that they can productively extend to include NEW Brain Aging topics.

Gerontological Society of America Annual Meeting:
Symposium Presentation

GSA: November 10-14th, 2021





November 11th from 12-1:30pm MT


Drs. Robert Kaplan, Kuan Hong Wang, Feng Vankee Lin, Yeates Conwell, and Janine Simmons.​