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Collaborating Networks

A National Network for Emotional Well-being Research

NEW Brain Aging is sponsored by the National Institute of Health (NIA U24 AG072701) and part of a national group of networks working on emotional well-being research (EWB). Researchers across these networks regularly work together to establish a common understanding and definition of emotional well-being, to determine the best measures and methods for evaluating emotional well-being, and to discuss how to best communicate our research projects, opportunities, and conclusions with those interested in EWB. 

The network of networks is a unique organization which merges many fields that are oftentimes distinct in how they talk about and approach emotional well-being, including neuroscience, psychology, and public health. The websites of the other contributors in this national network of networks are linked below.

View the National Institutes for Health Press release related to these centers here: NIH networks to advance emotional well-being research

Emotional Well-Being & Economic Burden Research Network

University of Alabama

The Emotional Well-being and Economic Burden Research Network (EMOT-ECON) is a new initiative to advance research and generate new knowledge about the impact of economic burden of disease on emotional well-being.

Family Well-being Research Network

University of Michigan

A collaborative project to support and advance research  on measurement of  family well-being and pediatric quality of life. We build knowledge by funding new research, supporting and mentoring the next generation of scholars, and providing education and training.

Mechanisms Underlying Mind-Body Interventions & Measurements of Emotional Well-Being: M3EWB

University of Connecticut

Our M3EWB Network aims to (1) provide resources that assist in defining and measuring EWB across the life course and (2) engage interdisciplinary research that investigates the mechanisms through which mind-body interventions (e.g., yoga, deep breathing) promote EWB.

Network for Emotional Well-being

University of California, San Francisco;
Harvard University;
University of California, Berkeley

The Network for Emotional Well-being: Science, Practice, and Measurement brings together leading experts from UCSF, UC Berkeley, and Harvard to create a cohesive transdisciplinary network of scientists interested in EWB. We are a collaborative initiative of research scientists funded by the National Institutes of Health to advance the scientific understanding and measurement of emotional well-being.​

Plasticity of Well-being

University of Wisconsin - Madison

Faculty and experts from the Center for Healthy Minds are leading the effort, which will include pilot research projects, collaborations, and scientific meetings focused on interventions and prevention strategies with partners at UW–Madison, Northwestern University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The goal of the network is to identify ways to measure people’s emotional health and well-being in everyday life and understand how flexible those aspects of well-being could be with effective, culturally relevant interventions and training.

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