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Material Repository

Brain Imaging

Gutierrez-Barragan, D., Ramirez, J. S. B., Panzeri, S., Xu, T., & Gozzi, A. (2023, January 1). Evolutionarily conserved fMRI Network Dynamics in the mouse, macaque, and human brain. bioRxiv. PDF

Behavior Experiment

Barron, H. C., Mars, R. B., Dupret, D., Lerch, J. P., & Sampaio-Baptista, C. (2021, January 4). Cross-species neuroscience: Closing the explanatory gap. Philosophical transactions of the Royal Society of London. Series B, Biological sciences. PDF


Neuner, S. M., Heuer, S. E., Huentelman, M. J., O’Connell, K. M. S., & Kaczorowski, C. C. (2019). Harnessing genetic complexity to enhance translatability of alzheimer’s disease mouse models: A path toward precision medicine. Neuron. PDF

Monteggia, L. M., Heimer, H., & Nestler, E. J. (2018). Meeting report: Can we make animal models of human mental illness? Biological Psychiatry. PDF

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