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Network for Emotional Wellbeing and Brain Aging

NEW Brain Aging aims to address mechanistic research on the role of emotional wellbeing (EWB) in health, identifying and testing mechanisms by which brain aging influences EWB, and how EWB may impact risk for and progression of Alzheimer's Disease and related dementias.

What is Emotional Wellbeing?

EWB is a multi-dimensional composite that encompasses how positive an individual feels generally and about life overall. It has both experiential features such as the emotional quality of momentary and everyday experiences and reflective features such as judgments about life satisfaction, sense of meaning, and ability to pursue goals that can include and extend beyond the self. These features occur in the context of culture, life circumstances, resources, and life course.

 -- Working definition adopted by National Network for Emotional Wellbeing Research


NEW Brain Aging is sponsored by the National Institute of Health (NIA U24 AG072701) and part of a national group of networks working on EWB research. Learn more about other collaborating emotional wellbeing networks by clicking below.

News and Announcements

2024 Travel Fellowship to AAIC Applications Open!

For Postdocs and Early Career Investigators to travel to Philadelphia with our center July 27th-Aug1st to attend the Alzheimer's Association International Conference. 


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